The Five Towns (Potteries)

A number of these venerable old buildings remain, still producing fine china, although the strangely shaped 'Bottle Kilns' which once fired the clay are no longer used, but thankfully preserved. The restored canals still pass their door, now allowing us a privileged insight into Victorian working life so graphically illustrated with the pages of Arnold Bennett's classic book ANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS.

It's not all potteries and towns though, far from it! The Caldon Canal leaves the Potteries and, taking a north easterly course, climbs into the STAFFORDSHIRE PEAKS to descend the CHURNET VALLEY through an area so remote and peaceful that it has earned the title 'Staffordshire's Little Switzerland.' One pub, at CONSALL FORGE, is so cut off, that the only means of access is by water or four wheel drive vehicle

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